Non Trum – World class helmet distributor in Vietnam

The helmet market in Vietnam is getting exciting recently. Since people realize the importance of wearing a quality helmet. Back in the days when many people still wearing a as cheap as possible helmet that can easily buy on a sidewalk.  A helmet back then is only a must – wear when going out in traffic, to avoid being charge by the police. And they don’t even care about the quality, the design, the color of the helmet.

This lead to the consequence that many helmet distributors afraid to enter the market.

Non Trum – the world class helmet distributor in Vietnam

People now have a different perspective for wearing a helmet. A helmet now is not just a must – wear anymore. It is now become a item that stand for the personality of the owner.

Customers now want a helmet to be quality and come in many different shapes and colors. To respond to the great demand of customers, a helmet dealer call Non Trum has shown up and become one of a favorite brand helmet in Vietnam.

Non Trum is a helmet retail store that already have 4 branch in Vietnam. We have been established for over a year and have gain trusted from many customers.

At Non Trum, we provide many protective product such as helmet, glove, protective glass with the best quality to our customers. With variety range of product to serve for variety demand of the customers.

Our mission is to satisfying the needs of safety and stylish. Moreover, with our reputation, we only bring the best products to the customers.

Why chossing Non Trum

With the enthusiasm employees, the consultant team that know everything about the products, customers care team and the delivery team, Non Trum, the best helmet dealer in town will bring to you the best service ever along with the best products.

The exclusive helmet distributors of Royal

Royal, a famous local helmet brand with many quality products has chose Non Trum to be the exclusive distributor in Ho Chi Minh City. In the future we will cooperate with many more brand to become the biggest helmet distributor in Vietnam.

Customers can feel free to contact us to have all the information about the newest products of Royal with the best price in the market.

What make us become the best helmet dealer ?

Because we always working in order to make our brand as a reputation, professional and quality business.

Along with the variety of quality products and the best price for our customers, we also have many interesting policy. As a largest helmet distributor in Ho Chi Minh City, we are proudly to say that we are the first business in Vietnam have the free washing helmet policy for our customers.

If you need more information, don’t hestitate to contact us at hotline 0907383993 or on our website

Our branch info

  • 1st Branch: 80A Vuon Lai, Tan Phu
  • Phone: 0901 183 007
  • 2nd Branch: 150A Ho Ba Kien, District 10
  • Phone: 0907 38 39 93
  • 3rd Branch: 264 Bui Huu Nghia, Binh Thanh District
  • Phone: 0932 005 335
  • SR ROYAL: 357 Quang Trung, Go Vap District
  • Phone: 0931 142 442

Wholesale: 0931 853 538

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