spaceman game online

You’ll be familiar with how Spaceman works if you’ve ever played The Incredible Balloon Machine or Golden Hook. After you’ve staked your money, ‘Confirm Bet’ enters you into the following game round. When the game round begins, the Spaceman launches off, accompanied by an increasing multiplier.

Having paid for Space to Spill, you’ll be presented with a huge screen which is open and ready for a wager. On either side, horizontal lines sit, which can be coloured in to show their value in the paytable. Beyond this, the centre of the screen features a spinning astronaut, also coloured in. These start at x1. By default, they move from x1 to x10.
The colour of this astronaut will not only determine how you play in this version, but also has a deeper implication. By playing on game rounds with a green astronaut, you’re facilitating luck in the game. On the other hand, if you spin a red astronaut, this indicates that you’re playing on a zero-probability round. If a round has a green astronaut and the Spaceman doesn’t crash, the choice before the round begins is whether to do nothing, play at your maximum wager or game on another round.

The screen is split into four sections:





The Bar is the uppermost and leftmost section. You can clear it by clicking on it, or shift your mouse pointer to the very left and middle of the screen and left click. The view section contains the game, and the Spinner that you’ll have some fun with. The balance of the screen is devoted to the Spaceman.

To the right of the Spaceman is the Cashout section. You can select whether you want to clear your wager before the round has begun, or you’ll be able to cash out after it’s over and back up to the game line on the Spinner.

And finally, right at the bottom of the screen, the leftmost section holds the buttons you’ll use on the game rounds. The default setting is to back up to the game line on the spaceman, before it starts to spin. As the round begins, the spaceman shoots off at increasing speeds. The higher it goes, the higher the multiplier will be. The game automatically ends when the win limit is reached, the multiplier tops out at x150, or the spaceman collides with the Cashout button. It’s worth noting that if the astronaut crashes while the spaceman is spinning, the round itself will be lost. The very last thing you want is the astronaut flying off, only to face total defeat.

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